The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy To Advance Immigrant Youth Program (YES STAIY)




Program Information


The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy to Advance Immigrant Youth (YES STAIY) Program is the youth employment program offered at Regina Immigrant Women Centre.

The Program runs for a duration of 22 weeks; two weeks in class and twenty weeks in a Work placement.

The objective of the Program is to provide each participant an opportunity of Canadian Work Experience that will lead either to a permanent position, or return to an educational program that will enhance their present and acquired skill sets to meet future career objectives. Participants are selected after an interview and screening by the Project Coordinator.

Each participant is paid minimum wage for both classroom and placement hours.

Success rates have ranged from 85 – 100% based on each participant’s individual skills, education, and determination.




  • Participants must be between 15 and under 30 years of age (inclusive).

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a Protected Person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada.

  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.

  • Must be committed to attend class and placement each and every day for 22 weeks.


Class Location
Regina Immigrant Women Centre
1801 Toronto Street
Regina, SK, S4P 1M7
Phone: (306) 359-6514

For more information regarding workshop timings, or to register, please contact:
Phone: (306) 359-6514
E-mail:[email protected]