Summer Student - Community Organization Worker

Duration: June 2022 - September 2022 (flexible)
Job Types: Full-time, temporary, Contract (8 weeks) - 2 positions
Schedule: Monday to Friday
The Summer Student will have the opportunity to work with various teams at RIWC. More
specifically, the summer student will have the opportunity to work with the Administration team,
RIWC Program Staff and IT personnel. This will provide the student first-hand experience in
various fields.
The student will perform various tasks which include, but are not limited to;
● Working closely with RIWC Coordinators and program staff to plan activities with all RIWC
● Assisting RIWC staff with current programming through a hybrid of virtual and in-person
service delivery models (may include basic digital literacy instruction, updating resumes,
mock interviews, one-on-one listening/speaking practices, field trips, admin assistance and
● Work with staff on advertising and promotional materials for RIWC programs (brochures,
website updates);
● Complete the survey of the Government of Canada by the end of the contract;
● Performing other related duties as assigned by Program Managers/Coordinators.

● Candidates should be proficient in Microsoft Office and other software.
● Candidates should be comfortable working independently and with a team.
● Proficiency in written and oral communication.

● Enrolled in a post-secondary education program and returned to studies in the fall.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Mona Darwish no later than June 10 2022.