Settlement Advising

Program Information:


Our RIWC Regina Immigrant Women Centre Settlement Advisor is knowledgeable about Saskatchewan services and community resources that may be helpful to your specific settlement needs or challenges.


During your first meeting with the Settlement Advisor you will be able to:



  • Review and discuss your individual settlement needs;

  • Utilize your Settlement Advisor’s knowledge and experience to help you find community resources and services to meet your most immediate needs which may include affordable rental housing, workplace issues, food security, healthcare and how to apply for a health card and neighborhood’ recreational programs;

  • Acquire contact information for critical services such as emergency services, immigration offices and your local Career and Employment Services offices; and,

  • Receive referrals to the appropriate RIWC settlement programs based on your needs.


Please note that the Settlement Advisor can NOT help you with Immigration documents and processes. For assistance with Immigration documents and processes contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.


Living in Saskatchewan
Permanent or Temporary resident or a recent Canadian newcomer.
For more information regarding Settlement Advising, or to book an appointment, please contact:


Phone: (306) 359-6516
E-mail: [email protected]